Who we are

Welcome to Go2webdesign.co.za

Well, you might be disappointed to know that we are not experts in SEO, we are learners like you but we have learnt quite a lot and so, have gotten a lot to share. We attend a lot of webinars on SEO worldwide and have recorded some great successes doing good, white-art SEO for our client and our-self.

We’ll be sharing great SEO stuff under the category called “From The Masters”, this will be aggregated contents from renowned masters in game, those who have been SEOing for ages either through webinar we attend or articles they write.

We assure you that you’ll always have a lot to learn from this blog especially if you’re from Africa.

One more thing, we believe in work and play; all work no play makes nonsense of a man, so we’ll be sharing some funny stuffs here too.

Thanks and dont forget lo always leave a comment after reading a post from here.